Consulting in the Tax Accounting

The state apparatus and social programs are implemented and operated due to taxes and fees, which, as a rule, intensely burden development of any business. In such case, tax legislation in our country is quite complex and regularly subject to significant changes.

Tax consulting is a provision to taxpayers of consulting, information and representative services on payment and calculation of taxes.

Tax consulting methods are based on a large number of gaps in the current legislation, which contains conflicting requirements. Using them correctly, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of taxes and fees or make a refund of previously paid surplus.

Tax consulting is an effective instrument for solving of problems arising within calculation and payment of taxes by legal entities and individuals, the result of which is:

  • optimization of the amount of tax payments in accordance with applicable tax legislation;
  • risk reduction of consequences of incorrect calculation and payment of taxes.

Effective consulting suggests the following sections of consulting:

Organization and maintenance of tax records

A process of laying of a solid foundation in protecting the enterprise before fiscal and regulatory authorities.
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Preparation and submission of tax accounting

A process of handling of accounting information in the tax accounting for the purposes of full and timely preparation and submission of tax accounting to regulatory authorities in the accordance with regulatory requirements of the legislation.
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Tax planning

A purposeful activity of the enterprise focused on maximum use of all peculiarities of the existing legislation in order to achieve the best financial results by means of legal optimization of economic activities of the enterprise in terms of its tax implications.
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