Selection of personnel

Selection of personnel is a business process that is particularly important for all spheres of business, because properly selected personnel is always profitable and successful solution for business, instrument of its development.

After the onset of the global financial crisis, many employers started to have an opinion that the market of candidates are very rich now and it’s easy to find good employee. And yet we understand that the number of good and really valuable candidates has not changed, on the contrary, now every company values key employees, because they, in particular, influence on the basic indicators of business performance.

Good quality selection will increase the company’s profit, raise productivity and “fighting spirit” of personnel, and, as a result, will allow company to grow.

Unprofessional, poor quality selection will respond in non-performance of work, failure to meet the delivery date, failures in the company’s business processes. And, finally, you have to spend money again on the selection of new people. Systematic errors in the selection process can significantly increase costs of any company.

Personnel selection technologies:

  1. Recruitment or mass recruitment is a method of selection of the personnel of widespread professions. Generally they are line-level specialists (ordinary performers, sales agents, secretaries). The method consists of the preparation of job description and placement of this description in the place, where potential candidates will be able to see it. As a rule, this is the company’s web-site, as well as web-sites that specialize in job search. The emphasis in the case of recruitment is made on specialists who are in the process of job search.

  2. Executive Search is recruitment of top and middle ranking managers (heads of departments, heads of subdivisions, directors), specialists of rare and unique professions. In contrast with the recruitment, it involves an active search for potential candidates. Executive Search is the most efficient technology used by agencies.

  3. Headhunting is poaching of particular specialist, as a rule “star”, from one company to another.

  4. Screening is a quick selection of jobseekers solely on formal grounds. Motivation, personal qualities and other psychological characteristics of candidates within screening are not examined. The average time of screening is ranged from 1 to 10 days. This method is usually used to select junior staff (secretaries, sales managers, accountants, sales assistants, drivers) and rarely the middle ranking specialists.