Consulting in the field of information support

Consulting in the field of information support is a provision of professional consultation, not excepting the direct participation in the construction of the most effective information system with the use of information technology.

Technical means of information support are a set of systems, machines, instruments, mechanisms, devices and other types of equipment designed for automation of various operational processes of computer science, mainly such processes, where the output product is information (data) used for satisfaction of informational needs in different areas of enterprise activity.

All technical means of informational support depending on functions performed can be divided into six groups:

  • information input devices;
  • information output devices;
  • information processing devices;
  • information transmitting and receiving devices;
  • multifunction devices;
  • information storage devices.

As it follows from the above classification, the majority of modern technical means of informational support in one or another way associated with personal computers. Proper organization of the working system from the informational support means is the key to efficient and uninterrupted operation of the enterprise in the information exchange and processing.