Internal documentation

Internal documentation is a set of documents regulating the internal life of the enterprise: provisions on the structural units, internal rules and regulations of relations between the structural units of the enterprise in the field of planning, reporting, communication, accounting, external contacts, etc.

We can distinguish two categories of internal documentation:

  • documents defining sphere of duties of the structural unit and relations between employees and management apparatus during the execution of assigned tasks;
  • documents defining the procedural side of the administrative influence implementation, performance of certain management activities and transactions.

Internal documentation permits to determine relationship between the elements of the enterprise organizational structure, their administrative powers, rights and responsibilities, and also liability for the results of such work.

Internal documents establish rules governing relations, operating methods and procedures. At the level of the owners (founders) it may be a relationship agreement, at the level of departments and types of activities – regulations on organization of their work, different procedures for implementing necessary legislative requirements (work with personal data, internal labor regulations organization, etc.) at the enterprise, at the level of certain employees and types of work – job description. Instruction on the type of work documents separate procedures, official procedure of activities for carrying out of this work and certain operations.

Internal documentation creates a balance of relations and promotes establishment of the enterprise as a unified system, where the enterprise protects the interests and contributes to the development of all structural units, and structural units ensure the unity of enterprise.