Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the sphere of knowledge and practical activities aimed at provision of the organization with qualified personnel capable to carry out work functions entrusted to it and its optimal use. Human resource management is an integral part of quality organization management system.

Modern approach focuses on human resources management that is the most efficient use of unique individual qualities of staff in order to achieve corporate objectives. This is due to the revision of the “human resources management” concept in the last decade of the twentieth century. The atmosphere of cooperation replaced the controversial relationship between employers and employees, in which the working environment of organization was dominated by strict regulation of interaction procedures with employees. This atmosphere of cooperation is implemented through:

  • motivation system development and implementation;
  • development and implementation of system of effective indicators for the personnel work;
  • selection of personnel;
  • business trainings.

On this basis, one can state an addition “personnel management” through effective “human resources management”.

Motivation system development and implementation

A complex of measures for stimulation of the enterprise employees to effective and long-term work.
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Development and implementation of system of effective indicators for the personnel work

A complex of measures on formation of the instrument for setting of specific tasks within the overall strategy, stated goals and measurement of their actual execution by particular employee or working group.
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Selection of personnel

A business process that is particularly important for all spheres of business, because properly selected personnel is always profitable and successful solution for business, instrument of its development.
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Business training activity

One of the most widespread forms of the modern business education. Interactive educational form.
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