Accounting organization

Accounting organization is an important point for each enterprise. Well-advised and organized accounting permits in the future to optimize and computerize accounting records maintenance, and as a result to minimize costs for its maintenance (set of additional staff positions, extension of accounting department within the organization, layout of workspaces, etc.).

Arrangement and organization of accounting are carried out by means of attracting of qualified and versatile specialists in the field of accounting. Professional consulting in the organization of accounting permits in the future to avoid systematic errors in its maintenance and to avoid large financial losses for business.

Arrangement of accounting includes the following:

  • detailed study of the specific nature of enterprise activity at the moment of organization (arrangement) of accounting;
  • development of the principles and methods of the accounting records maintenance, which will be reflected in the accounting policy of the organization for accounting purposes;
  • development of instructions for documentation of all areas of accounting in accordance with the law;
  • development of the accounting department structure at the enterprise, development of the work schedules for employees of accounting and other services related to the accounting records maintenance;
  • development of workflow system at the enterprise, its formalization, automation and optimization;
  • development of optimal (in terms of labor costs) organization of accounting based on its automation.