IT consulting

IT consulting is consulting of the enterprises regarding the management of computer structure, business process automation, choice of software, hardware platforms and equipment suppliers.

IT consulting will provide your organization with comprehensive professional support in the field of information technologies.

Effective solutions in the field of IT support of the enterprise have following results:

  • reduction of costs for implementation of information technologies;
  • provision of professional support for the information base;
  • increase of efficiency of the computer base work at the enterprise;
  • increase of the business processes efficiency;
  • performance of the quality control and easy manageability of IT structure;
  • creation of the base for growth of competitiveness and comprehensive development of the enterprise.

The main areas of IT consulting are:

Provision of security for information systems

Series of measures aimed at prevention of unauthorized and unintended influences on the protected information and also its leaks.
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Consulting in the field of information support

A provision of professional consultation, not excepting the direct participation in the construction of the most effective information system with the use of information technology.
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Development and implementation of software

As a rule, consist of several stages: predevelopment analysis, formal and informal definition of tasks and development of software, implementation of new software product in business processes.
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Data processing

An operation on data collecting and processing in manual and automatic modes, classification, labeling, sorting, quality assessment and data storage, data transfer and its exchange, data access control, data security provision, visual display of data on demand.
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