Data processing

Data processing is an operation on data collecting and processing in manual and automatic modes, classification, labeling, sorting, quality assessment and data storage, data transfer and its exchange, data access control, data security provision, visual display of data on demand (output of schedules, tables, text, photo and video files).

Database processing system is a necessary component of the enterprise, whether it is a modest unit in the structure of several departments or multi-building enterprise consisting of hundreds of departments. After all, electronic data processing system operates databases that exist and are widely used in any business, this can be structured list of customers or employees with personal information about them, data on goods and services, range of equipment, lists of suppliers, etc.

Implementation of system for collecting and processing of the data depending on its size. Database system processing is a complex in one or another way of structured data (databases) and set of hardware and software for execution of different manipulations with data.

Data processing center is a fault tolerant integrated centralized system of electronic data processing that computerizes business processes with a high level of performance and quality of provided services. The main purpose is provision of trouble-free operation of the enterprise information structure with required levels of access, security and manageability. Such systems include BPM-, ERP- and CRM-systems, electronic document management systems.