Legal representation in public institutions and courts

Legal representation in public institutions and courts - it is the process of finding out the most efficient solution of business tasks, as well as its implementation by way of necessary interaction with competent governmental structures for the purpose of elimination of conflict situations and achievement of assigned results for the Client.

Upon arising out of a disputable situation it is necessary to examine the issue in terms of the current legislation and judicial practice, to develop the strategy of actions for the resolution of arising problems and assigned tasks, and then to collect and prepare the necessary documents for the representation of the Client’s interests in any public authority and institution.

Depending on the results of the primary analysis, the legal representation can occur by way of participation on behalf of the Client in consultations and negotiations with officials of governmental authorities; cooperation with public authorities for the purpose of execution of legal requirements, obtainment of necessary permission documentation; protection of rights and legal interests of the company in courts, etc.

First of all, in the case if the rights have been violated, it is necessary to receive the legal advice regarding the legality of actions/omissions of public authorities, as well as made by them decisions, for the further elaboration of algorithm of actions adequate to the situation.

In the case of objective impossibility of resolution of the arising conflict through negotiations, it is necessary to resort to the judicial protection of the disputed, unrecognized or violated rights.

The interests’ representation in courts involves the complex of following actions:

  • review of available documents on the dispute and recommendations for its resolution;
  • drafting procedural documents: statements of claim, appeal, cassation complaints, motions, applications and other procedural documents, necessary for the court proceedings;
  • filing documents with the court for its considering;
  • participation in the court hearing.

A competent legal representation of the Client’ interests in governmental authorities can be exercised by a specialist with relevant experience, knowledge of legislation and practical skills.