Legal Consulting

Legal consulting is consultations regarding tax, land, labour, procedural, financial, banking, civil, commercial law and other spheres of legislation.

The main task of legal consulting is a professional assistance in protection of rights and legally protected interests of the enterprise and its owners, including through legal proceedings.

Work of business in legal environment is a tranquility and protection of managers and business owners. Current legal environment, unfortunately, tends to tear away even the most honest intentions beyond its limits. Understanding of the legal environment limits and legitimacy margin is sometimes difficult even for in-house legal counsels, especially under the condition of constantly improving legislation.

This is an integral part of modern business. For the security of business performance it is necessary to constantly monitor changes in legal framework, and this can be done only by lawyers-professionals, who have constant practice, sophisticated technologies and connections, and constantly improve their qualification.

Legal consulting can be provisionally divided into the following components:

Internal documentation

A set of documents regulating the internal life of the enterprise: provisions on the structural units, internal rules and regulations of relations between the structural units of the enterprise in the field of planning, reporting, communication, accounting, external contacts, etc.
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Development and expert examination of civil law contracts

A very important process, because the contract is the main document regulating the relations of business entities and also relations with government authorities.
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Legal backing of the enterprise registration and reorganization procedures

A complex of services aimed at quality and timely execution of operations on the enterprise registration or reorganization.
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Legal representation in public institutions and courts

The process of finding out the most efficient solution of business tasks, as well as its implementation.
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