Motivation system development and implementation

Motivation system development and implementation is a complex of measures for stimulation of the enterprise employees to effective and long-term work.

Personnel is one of the main assets of the business, these are the people who work every day in order to achieve the company’s goals. In the real life of Ukrainian business, the company’s success depends on the competent personnel management.

Motivation system implemented correctly is a key element of the personnel management system.

Motivation system tasks:

  • motivate employees to do what is necessary for the company, to put some ginger into it (enthusiasm);
  • create conditions, where in the company only decent (efficient) employees earn good money, and the remaining (inefficient) employees are forced to resign;
  • save money of the company, owner.

The main stages of the motivation system development and implementation:

  • monitoring of the current system of labor remuneration and motivation (tangible, intangible);
  • identification of motivational factors that are important for different categories of the company personnel and have positive impact on work performance and quality (methods of both material and moral encouragement);
  • formation in leaders at all levels of understanding, knowledge and management skills required to manage motivation and encouragement process;
  • formation of requirements for quality of work and productivity of staff;
  • formation of internal regulations and required documentation;
  • development, coordination and implementation of the remuneration system and moral encouragement system.