Audit is a process during which a competent independent person collects and evaluates information regarding particular company, in order to establish and reflect in the report the degree of conformity of the stated information to the information that was collected during this process according to the established criteria.

For the purpose of quality and, equally important, rational (in its composition) audit we should identify the main purposes of it. On this basis the following categories of the audit are specified:

Audit as a check of public accounting statements

An inspection, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On audit activities”, of public accounting statements, accounting, primary documents and other information...
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Audit as an inspection of the actual financial and economic activities of the enterprise

An independent examination of the financial statements and other information on economic and financial activities of a business entity in order to make conclusions on its true financial condition.
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Audit as an examination of liabilities and assets of the enterprise

Is carried out to ensure the reliability of accounting data and reports, as well as verification of the actual availability of assets.
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