Provision of security for information systems

Provision of security for information systems represents a series of measures aimed at prevention of unauthorized and unintended influences on the protected information and also its leaks. And considering total computerization of our life, protection of computer information should be addressed at a professional level.

Provision of security of information systems should be a priority during the business development. Today, majority of enterprises tend to ensure its integrity and confidentiality. Insufficient protection of information can cause the enterprise economic and reputation damage. This is a key factor for determination of tasks in development of the information protection system.

Provision of information security consists of the following subsystems:

  • information access control system;
  • authorization and authentication system;
  • means of firewalling;
  • disaster recovery and backup system;
  • anti-virus protection system;
  • e-mail and web-traffic control system;
  • LAN segmentation system;
  • system of monitoring, detection and prevention of intrusions;
  • means of cryptographic protection of information;
  • management system of the information protection technical means.

Information protection system provides comprehensive security of the object.

Information security provision is the basis of secure enterprise activities.