Development and implementation of software

Development and implementation of software, as a rule, consist of several stages:

  • predevelopment analysis, which determines existing workflow, organization units, employees, types of information, ways of its exchange, computation algorithms, external factors affecting them, forms of the primary documentation, standards of upload or download information, forms of internal, external financial and management reporting. In addition to the above, it is studied the representation of the abovementioned processes in the accounting and the depth of its automation in view of the set goals and objectives.
  • formal and informal definition of tasks and development of software according to the described tasks.
  • implementation of new software product in business processes includes technical and administrative measures and, as a rule, consists of installation of new software in the workplace, its debugging in real tasks, setting of interface and access rights, as well as training of users at their workplaces.

Start and end of the implementation period is determined by the input of real data in the automated system and the readiness of staff to work independently. Term of this stage will consist of stipulated period of implementation (approximately six months), number of applications working together, volume of additional improvements that were not included in the technical assignment and term of personal work of specialists-integrators with employees-users in the workplaces.

In order to properly prepare software for the enterprise, you need to have a good idea about the environment, in which this software will work and provide benefit. It is necessary to have idea about enterprises, business, management, typical problems. In other words, it is necessary to work not only at the software level, but also at higher levels – at the level of enterprise information system, as well as at the level of the business process management level of the enterprise. Work at the level of the business of enterprise requires understanding of economics, finances, management technology. Without solving problems at this level the software implementation can become a simple waste of time and money, which will give the enterprise only additional costs for the computer system development, implementation and maintenance. To avoid this, you need in-depth examination of the enterprise activities, thorough analysis and serious process of effective solutions development for the project realization on creation of software.