Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting represents a real help to owners and top managers of companies in the following areas:

  • strategic planning;
  • development of medium and long-term goals of business development;
  • management of operating, financial and investment activities of the company;
  • optimization and enhancement of efficiency in use of available resources;
  • crisis management.

At its basis consulting has decision of the challenges emerging in front of the company and provision of recommendations regarding further business development options, based on a detailed analysis of all aspects of the company activities, mission definition, analysis of internal and external environment, definition of potential, discovery of competitive advantages and disadvantages.

The main task of consulting is to promote successful development of business.

The crisis management always has one aim to improve business in case of problematic events occurrence and prevent them. Crises in the business can occur under the influence of external and / or internal factors, but sometimes it is hard for the company manager to identify the sources of problems, frequently problems are rooted in the internal factors. The primary task of crisis manager is to specify the cause of the crisis and as a next step offer solutions and methods to eliminate it.

In any case, business needs help of external consultants, who will be able to objectively determine the cause and depth of the crisis, propose a program for the exit of the business from unfavorable situation.

In the process of strategic consulting the following actions are performed: analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of operation of an enterprise, development opportunities, as well as current and future threats of development (SWOT analysis), all this allows more adequately assess the prospects for the business development. Examination of all types of available resources leads to the selection of the most optimal alternative for the task solution.