Consulting of Management Accounting

System of management accounting and reporting is a necessary instrument of business management, this is the management process within the framework of planning, recording of actual execution, analysis and control, as well as arrangement of responsibility areas within conduct of business in terms of projects, companies, structural divisions, tendencies, assortment of products and other analytical segments. Effective management accounting can be made by implementation of the following instruments:

Management accounting

Identification, measurement, collection, systematization, analysis, decomposition, interpretation and transfer of information required for business management.
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Control and audit

A system of monitoring and verification of compliance of the managed business functioning process with adopted management decisions, determination of the results of management actions on the managed object and deviations committed in the implementation of these decisions.
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A process of coordinated planning and management of the enterprise activities with the help of indicators that permit to determine the contribution of each department and each manager in achieving of objectives.
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