Investment Consulting

Investment consulting is a kind of intellectual activity related to consulting on investments of own or borrowed funds (or equity) in the business in order to obtain reasonable profit. Investment consulting involves provision of consultations and guiding in the event of:

  • purchasing of a business;
  • selling of a business;
  • business mergers and acquisitions;
  • separation of business.

Investment consulting in the situation of creation, purchase or merger and acquisition, raising of stock and/or debt capital is the key to future success and prevention of a number of problematic situations in the future.

Effective investment consulting requires detailed understanding of all aspects of the business, whether that be fund raising, creation of the alliance, purchase or sale of business. Each decision must have economic feasibility, appropriateness and compliance with the overall strategy of business and interests.

In order to obtain objective information, the following activities should be carried out:

Business valuation

Determination of the value of the company as a property complex that provides profit-making for its owner.
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Analysis of financial and economic activity

Analysis of the enterprise performance that is carried out by third party specialists.
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Business planning

One of the most important mechanisms and instruments of business management, which predetermines and predicts its efficiency in the future.
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Due Diligence

The procedure for formation of the fair presentation of the investment project, which includes investment risks, independent evaluation of the investment object and many other factors.
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